Baby mattress made of cold fluff or natural latex?

Just as with an adult mattress, there are many baby mattress materials that can be used for the core. Most mattresses are made of classic cold fluff. As the processes for the production of cold fluff are constantly evolving and thus becoming more environmentally friendly, there are now baby mattresses with soybean oil content. Soya cold fluff is made from natural and renewable raw materials. The addition of soy has the advantages of increasing the suppleness of the mattress and providing the same support with less weight.

Another material that is ideal for baby mattresses is natural rubber (also called natural latex). Natural latex has very beneficial properties for a baby. A mattress made of natural latex impresses with excellent point elasticity, high breathability and not least the natural antibacterial effect. Also, the child who sleeps even longer than the average adult, so during his long periods of rest only in contact with natural materials. A crucial aspect of children’s health. In combination with supportive and heat-insulating coconut rubber (coconut fibers, which have been bonded with the help of natural latex) creates a completely biodegradable baby mattress. If the newborn is too big for his baby mattress, it will not burden his environment later.

Baby mattresses should be checked for harmful substances

Whether cold fluff or latex, when choosing the baby mattress parents should always pay attention to the quality and testing for harmful substances in the products. Special seals help to recognize a high-quality and pollution-tested mattress. Here it should definitely be product class 1 (suitable for babies and toddlers). The natural latex mattresses also provide information on the purity of the material. Always pay attention to the material of the cover. Nevertheless, natural mattresses often smell a bit at first. However, the odor usually evaporates quickly. How long should you ventilate the baby mattress? In normal cases, a mattress tested for harmful substances should be odorless after 5-7 days of venting.

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