Odors, stains, mold: Tips & Tricks for dealing with the new mattress

After purchasing the new cold fluff mattress, proper care will determine how long you will enjoy your mattress.

The right care begins with the regular turning of the mattress, which should be done every 4 – 8 weeks. By turning the formation of coolers is prevented and also the air circulation is improved in this way, whereby wet spots can dry better, which is not least also mold prevention.

Ideally, a complete mattress day should be planned, during which the mattress thoroughly cares for every month or every two months. You can, for example, clean the mattress cover and the saver in the washing machine (this can also be done more often if possible) and lift the mattress on the balcony, the terrace or simply near an open window.

Once or twice a year, you should also vacuum the mattress thoroughly with a powerful vacuum cleaner with a padded top to remove dust and mites. You should then remove stains on the mattress with a microfibre cloth, cold water, and soap – for stubborn stains, you can also use a cleaning spray.

Mold: prevention and cleaning

Unfortunately, mold in dealing with cold fluff mattresses is not uncommon: In sleep, a person loses up to 0.5 liters of sweat per night. This moisture is absorbed by the mattress – if it is not adequately ventilated, it can quickly cause mildew. To prevent the new mattress moldy, you should never lay it directly on the floor – on the other hand, an adjustable slatted frame ensures good air circulation and the regular turning and ventilating of the mattress prevents mold. If the problem is already there and the mattress has begun to mold, you can fight small mold stains with intensive airing and treatment with a chlorine-free anti-mold spray. Even a professional cleaning with UV rays can kill the molds. If the mattress, however, already infested by larger mold patches, has hit her “last hour”: In this case you should dispose of the mattress as soon as possible, because mold not only spread rapidly but because the resulting substances also lead to allergies and respiratory diseases and thus pose a significant health risk.

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