Natural latex mattresses – from the rubber plantation to the home bedroom

Natural latex mattresses are made from the juice of the rubber tree, the latex. Natural latex comes mainly from plantations in Southeast Asia or West Africa. Brazil, known in the 19th century for its rubber plantations during the rubber boom, barely produces rubber/latex. Due to the diversity of synthetic latex natural latex is not used so often, therefore, the natural mattress manufacturer mattresses are according to its own statement, the largest importer of natural latex. A natural latex mattress is made of 100% natural polymer, no synthetic latex may be used for the latex mattress. Also, the proportion of vulcanizing agents must not exceed 5%. Natural latex mattresses are even more point elastic in comparison to classic latex mattresses and have an even higher density (between 70 and 90 kg / m³). How you can use Amerisleep to rest better? .You can get it from Amerisleep to rest better here.

In many natural latex mattresses, one or more layers (or zones) of coconut rubber are also processed, and some mattresses are also made entirely of coconut rubber. The material coconut rubber provides on the one hand with the mattress for the necessary support force (is thus suitable for any sleeping position) and on the other hand, it is also particularly breathable.

Latex mattresses are tested and evaluated in independent test institutes according to the test criteria. In the latex mattress test and natural latex mattress test mattresses are tested and evaluated on criteria such as lying characteristics, durability and sleep climate.

Quality assurance in natural latex mattresses

Mattresses is one of the best-known manufacturers of natural latex mattresses, which manufacture natural latex mattresses and natural bedding products in a handcrafted workshop. Of course, the natural rubber for mattresses is subjected to a test (or more) to check where it comes from, what quality it has and how sustainable the production of natural rubber mattresses is. The association tests the composition of latex natural rubber mattresses and applies very strict rules. 

Natural latex mattresses also often use natural materials, so these mattresses are often entirely organic. Most natural latex mattress manufacturers pay close attention to sustainability, even with their natural bedding products. However, it is usually also possible to choose more easy-care covers. In addition, it is also possible with natural latex mattresses to incorporate different zones.

For whom are orthopedic mattresses suitable?

As the name suggests, such mattresses are particularly interesting for people with orthopedic problems or special demands. People who are more likely to suffer from tension and back pain are also a good choice. In general, however, orthopedic mattresses always have a high quality and well thought-out design, which is why they tend to be worth considering for every human being and can also be used to prevent later orthopedic problems.

Although an orthopedic mattress is certainly not a miracle cure, it promises people with back pain and tension but a relief of discomfort ensures a healthy lying position and can lastly affect the sleep itself positively, which in turn in the form of a better, more energetic feeling the next day after getting up shows.

Latex mattress as an orthopedic mattress?

Latex mattresses have very good suitability, they are in a way considered the possibility to construct an orthopedic mattress. This is due in particular to the extremely good point elasticity of the material and the robust core, which makes the latex mattress a good choice regardless of the sleeping position. Furthermore, the material can be divided well into several zones. The core of the mattress is usually made of natural rubber. It is also advantageous that the mattresses are relatively insusceptible to bacteria, a removable and washable cover facilitates the long-term care of this again in addition. Read great tips and tricks at Amerisleep online.

Spring mattress as an orthopedic mattress?

Spring mattresses are not necessarily suitable as orthopedic mattresses. As a rule, these mattresses are not compatible with adjustable slatted frames, which are a valuable supplement for people with orthopedic problems. In rather simple and inexpensive models with few springs is conceivable, which naturally burdens the body. Likewise, these simple mattresses have no point elasticity and are usually not divided into zones. If at all, the pocket spring mattresses therefore only have suitability as an orthopedic mattress, if it is particularly high-quality and therefore usually more expensive models.