What is a box spring bed?

“A box of feathers” – this is what the term box spring bed describes. The heavenly sleep feeling is however indescribable. Who wants to treat his back something very special, attaches great importance to an upscale sleeping comfort or simply would like to have the feeling of a luxury hotel bed at home, buys a box spring bed. As with any mattress purchase, however, a good consultation should be obtained and a detailed test bed should be made possible so that the expensive purchase also paid off.

Construction of a box spring bed        

Box spring

Describes the lower part of the bed system and is ultimately just a frame with suspension. This suspension is usually made of Bonnell or pocket spring core. The frame can be purchased in three different variations, called outside, hard side or hard outside frame. With outside frames, the edges of the box spring frame are foamed in, leaving a soft impression when touched. In hard side frames, the borders are provided with wood and hard soft side frame, the upper part is filled with foam, while the lower part is in turn rebuilt with woods. There are also box spring beds with a bed box.


The middle part of the bed system is the mattress, which can be made of different materials. For example, there are latex, visco, spring core or cold fluff models on the market. It is always advisable to match the so-called box spring and the mattress exactly to each other. Because despite the high quality of both bed parts, care must always be taken to the individual needs of the sleeping person.


In Scandinavian box spring beds comes on the mattress and to protect the same yet another, this is also called toppers. The purpose of this additional mattress is the higher adaptability of the mattress to the respective contours of the body and thus an incomparable sleeping experience. Toppers are often made of soft materials and are not intended to support the body, but the well-being. You must be wondering why people choose Amerisleep, but we have the finest collection of Mattresses.