What is a pocket spring mattress?

The Pocket springs mattress is one of the popular spring mattresses. It is considered the highest quality design and has several advantages over the conventional spring mattresses. It offers a very high level of lying comfort and, thanks to its very good point elasticity, it can be perfectly adapted to the body. Similar to the likewise high-quality pocket spring mattress, the numerous coil springs are covered by small cloth bags. The special feature of this mattress and also the reason for her name are the special steel springs inside the mattress. A pocket spring mattress is suitable for everybody weight and every sleeping position. Thanks to the different thickness and quantity of springs, a subdivision into several lying zones can be achieved. As a result, the mattress adapts specifically to the individual body parts.

There are pocket spring mattresses in the trade with 3,5,7 and even 9 different lying zones. Both people who freeze at night as people who sweat at night sleep restfully on a pocket spring mattress. Moisture and heat can be dissipated without any problems thanks to the springs. Due to the materials used, the mattresses are completely safe for allergy sufferers. The body is optimally supported while sleeping and there are no unpleasant noises.

How is a pocket spring mattress constructed?

The mattress has a special structure and this is one of the main reasons for the high lying quality. Inside the mattress is a fairly thick pocket spring core. This consists of high-quality steel springs and cotton fabric bags. The number of springs varies from the mattress to mattress and is between 450 and over 1,000. Above and below the mattress core is a thick cold fluff padding.

This increases, on the one hand, the comfort and protects the other the mattress core. Depending on the model, of course, other materials, such as cotton, silk or felt can be used for the upholstery of the mattress. The padding is surrounded on both sides by a mattress cover. As a rule, the cover is removable and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Take advantages of new sleep situation from Amerisleep.